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Floral arrangements for Christmas

Milwaukee's holiday florist

Elegant holiday flower arrangements are now at Bel Aire Flowers in West Allis and Menomonee Falls. All of our floral arrangements and bouquets are made from fresh flowers for long-lasting beauty and aroma. These include wholesale poinsettias, individual arrangements and holiday centerpieces with candle settings — perfect as a holiday table decoration. 

Christmas Party Floral Arrangements

Create the perfect look for your holiday party with custom arrangements from Bel Aire Flowers! Even in winter, flowers add a warm touch to any office or home party, so let the flowers fall! Our florists are Christmas experts and offer a variety of holiday decoration options to liven-up your holiday event.

Christmas party floral arrangement
Christmas & Holiday Party Floral Arrangement with Candle

Buy live poinsettias online and wholesale with Bel Aire

For over 100 years, the traditional Christmas flower has been the poinsettia. The star-shaped pattern of the petals is believed to resemble the Star of Bethlehem, making it an appropriate symbol for the winter holiday. Bel Aire Flowers has fresh poinsettia arrangements available for your holiday decorating. 

These flowers contain bright red leaves, though some varieties are available in pure white or pink. The coloring makes poinsettias a perfect match for evergreen Christmas trees. Poinsettia bouquets and arrangements can be used to decorate homes or offices to show some festive spirit during the holiday season.

Holiday florist in Milwaukee

It is traditional to give a party host or hostess a small present, known as a hostess gift, in appreciation of their invitation and hosting duties. While food and wine are always acceptable, the holidays are a busy time. Rather than rush to prepare baked goods or shop for expensive wines, simply stop by our convenient Milwaukee area locations and pick up a beautiful bouquet instead.

Flowers are a perfect hostess gift for all those holiday parties and gatherings you have to attend. Unlike cookies or candy, your floral arrangement will last longer than a single evening. Select a small basket of poinsettias to set the holiday mood or consider an elegant bouquet for a sophisticated party atmosphere. The hosts will love having fresh flowers they can enjoy for the rest of the holiday season.

Romantic holiday flower arrangements

Christmas Poinsettia Basket MilwaukeeChristmas is a time for loved ones to come together. Romantic flower bouquets from Bel Aire Flowers make great stocking stuffers for couples. Many arrangements contain red roses mixed with white poinsettias or lilies. Surprise your husband or wife with a floral bouquet delivered right to their workplace. Or visit our stores to pick up flowers on the way home.

No matter what the occasion, Bel Aire Flowers can accommodate with the perfect floral arrangement. Stop by one of our storefront locations to pick up or order flowers for any holiday or event.

You can order flowers for:

There are many different bouquets and arrangements to choose from when you visit our West Allis or Menomonee Falls locations.

Floral Arrangements for All Occasions

Our Milwaukee florists create the perfect arrangement for any occasion. Choose from our custom bouquet gallery for anniversary flower arrangementshomecoming corsages, and more.

Contact Bel Aire Flowers or visit our stores to buy Christmas floral arrangements.

Stop by our storefront locations in West Allis and Menomonee Falls to find the perfect arrangements for your holiday celebrations.

Contact our florists today to create a custom bouquet or visit our online store to buy flowers immediately and schedule a delivery.